Haudenausaunee's (previously known as Iroquois) domestic potteries served for many purposes as cooking, water or food transport and storage. Try out shaping a little vase as the First Nations did. Material provided. 

Fare : $3
Approximately 1h
Available on Mondays and Fridays




Dream Catcher

In First Nations culture, the Dream Catcher prevents the nightmares from invading the sleeper's mind. Create your own customised Dream Catcher. Material provided.

Fare : $10
Approximately 1h
Minimum age: 12 years old
Available on Wednesdays

The Talking Stick

The Talking Stick is a symbol of harmony and sharing in the First Nation's community. It is used in a ceremonial circle to give the floor to any who wishes it. The one who possesses it can then express themselves without being interrupted. When they are done, they pass it along to the next person, and so forth. The Talking Stick is a good way to let everybody have their chance to talk.. Make your own ''Talking Stick''. Material provided

Fare : $3
Approximately 1h
Available on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Spirit Animal Discovery

The ''Spirit Animal'' is an animal that represents an ancestor, a guide or a protector. Very prominent in First Nations' culture, we think that spirit animals are the animals with which we feel a strong connexion and influences us during our lifetime. Discover your Spirit Animal. Includes painting a rock and assembling a neckless. Material included. 

Fare : $3
Approximately 1h
Available on Thursdays and Sundays

The taxes are included in the prices, for visitors who paid their entrance fee. The workshops start at 1 and 3 pm.

Please note that the schedule might be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Discussions at the Center

Outdoor Activities

Archéo Rando

Deux sentiers sont à l’honneur pour cette activité et tout au long de la randonnée un guide vous fera découvrir l’environnement du Centre Archéo Topo et les différentes ressources que venaient chercher ici les premiers peuples.
- Sentier de la biodiversité le long de la rivière Grandes-Bergeronnes
- Sentier de la Falaise pour découvrir un site archéologique classé

Durée de l’activité : environ une heure
Coût: 3.00$ (gratuit pour les visiteurs du centre)

Biodiversity Trail

The Biodiversity Trail will bring you to enjoy the beautiful natural environment of "La Point-à-John". Following the loops in the trail will allow you to discover the great ''Grande-Bergeronnes'' River. 

Archaeology Month

Sponsored by Archeo-Quebec, the Archaeology month is a great opportunity to discover more about Quebec's archaeological heritage. As a member of the network, Archeo Topo offers a multitude of activities all August long to highlight Bergeronnes' archaeology. 

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