Archeo Topo Center is open everyday from 9am to 5pm, from mid-May to mid-October.
From 8am to 8 pm in July and August.

Admission fees

Taxe included
Family Pass 17.00
Adult Pass 8.00
Senior Pass 7.00
Student Pass 5.00
Children Pass 4.00
With a coupon :
Family Package  8.50
Adult Package 4.00
Senior Package 3.50
Student Package 3.00
Children Package 2.50
10 people and +
Adult Groups 5.00
Senior Group 4.00
Student Group 3.00
Children Group 3.00
Pottery 3.00
Dreamcatcher 10.00
Conversation 6.00

The Archeo Topo Center can accommodate school groups (or other) of all ages and/or with specific needs.
Feel free to contact us for more information or to make a reservation.


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