Located 27 kilometers away from Tadoussac, the village of Bergeronnes has three classified sites

Several archeological sites along the North Coast testify of the occupation by...

There are currently over thirty archelogical sites found inside...

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When Jacques Cartier lands on the new continent, particularly the North Coast, he finds an inhabited territory for over 9000 years. An immense glacier covered the Canadian Shield, and the first nations occupied the land as it melted away. Along the North Shore, several archeological sites testify of this occupation. The sites of L'Anse à la Cave, Île Nue and Middle Bay attest to Basque fishermen hunting whales in the 1500s. Then, French, English, Jersey islanders, Acadians and even Norwegians came in turn to occupy this vast territory. The Archeo Topo Center, with its exhibition «Tours de force», will tell you about this extraordinary adventure.
Without a financial gain for its members, the Corporation’s mission is to disseminate archaeology associated with North Shore’s maritime resources. This Corporation’s dissemination is interwoven with discovery, research and the enhancement of archaeology.
President : Mrs Marie-Ève B. Théberge Secretary : Vacant Treasurer : Mr Martial Hovington Administrators : Mrs Nathalie Ross, Mr Érik Langevin and Mr Guillaume Brunelli
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